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Green Equipment Options (GEO)

We are your dedicated resource for ClimateMaster (residential water sourced heat pumps), Wine Guardian (wine Cellar Refrigeration), and Kysor Warren distributor (refrigerated systems and display cases for supermarkets).

What makes us different is that we are willing to consult on how to install  geothermal systems or to assist in the installation plan for Kysor Warren grocery equipment. Our focus is to provide you, the owner or contractor with the energy efficient equipment information you need to look like a rock star.

Green Equipment Options is also a resource for professionals such as architects, real estate developers, green building consultants, general contractors and HVAC contractors that want to offer the optimal in energy efficiency and may need some equipment specific information.

Green Equipment Options, Inc. is constantly seeking out new innovative solutions for our customers.   Green Equipment Options (GEO) is focused on best practices and helps professionals explain the products features and benefits to so the education can be passed onto the end user.

As the shift toward a carbon-free California intensifies, we’ll be there to help expand the green workforce and incorporate geothermal heating and cooling into the services of the most progressive HVAC R companies in the region.
“Carbon Free” means no fossil fuels. Our geothermal uses no fossil fuels and therefore also has no chance of carbon monoxide problems.